TRIMSBAZAR is promoted by textile professionals having cumulative experience of more than 150 years. This venture was conceived due to a genuine need as felt by the promoters.

In our years of running Textiles Export businesses and Design setups, we all faced following challenges in TRIMS procurements:

1) Limited options available with vendor

2) Lack of regular updates and access to new design

3) Delay in delivery

4) Running post to post in different markets.

5) Not being able to see all available designs due to space and time paucity at the shop of the supplier.

6) Huge wastage of time of senior designers to procure new designs

In order to remove the hurdles, we came up with the idea of an ONLINE trims marketplace where you can

1) View a wide range of designs from the comfort of your office- no trips to crowded by-lanes of wholesale markets full of dust and bustle…..

2) Products are rightly and transparently priced to give you a competitive edge same as what large volumes buyers get.

3) Doorstep delivery of product.

4) You get the advantage of the sourcing acumen of a team of experienced industry professional even when you have a small setup.

5) Designs procured from all over the world.

TRIMSBAZAR is based out of India but procures from all the world and sells and delivers to buyers all over the world…..


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